How did we get here?

coaster3In the mid 80’s NASCO was asked to develop a Top Gun Course for the hard rides environment. This course was developed, implemented and has been widely accepted. Like the Lifeguard Top Gun Course, it focuses on leadership skills and behavior that is not only desirable of one entering into a management position, but are necessary skills and attributes one needs in order to be an effective leader. Since this time, NASCO has developed an appraisal system and two training programs for the hard rides environment.

ROC (Ride Operator Certification) Course

rocpinOver many years of careful observation and research, NASCO felt it was necessary to develop a program that will bring some uniformity to the training of hard ride operators across the industry. In 2003, the ROC was successfully piloted. This course showed a great impact in enhancing the performance of the ride operators. The mission of the ROC course is To Enrich the Experience of the Seasonal Operator by Teaching Standard Safe Practices in the Amusement Rides Industry. The ROC is general in nature and as such, is not designed or intended to replace ride or procedure specific training that is required for all operators.

Water Rides in the Hard Rides Environment

water-sentry2An increasing number of aquatic based rides in the hard rides environment prompted NASCO to develop the Water Sentry Course. This course is not intended to replace hard rides training, but act as a supplement to their initial training. Aquatic based rides present different safety and operational concerns than traditional hard rides. NASCO realizes that in order to address these concerns, operators need additional training that focuses on how to handle potential emergencies that could occur on their ride.

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ROC (Ride Operator Certification) Course
Water Sentry Certification Course
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