lakefrontNASCO’s Program’s are designed for “closed” water lifeguards that work at waterparks or flatwater aquatic facilities. It should be stated that NASCO lifeguards (shallow water, basic and deep water lifeguard) can be utilized in any aquatic situation provided that the limitations of their certification are not exceeded.  Example: A shallow water certified lifeguard working a deep water (over 5 feet deep) position.

Due to the special challenges that are inherently present at Open Water Facilities specific requirements are required. An Open Water Facility may utilize the NASCO program provided the following criterion are met:

  1. The lifeguard must be able to see a victim in distress within 15 seconds and reach them within 20 seconds.
  2. There should be no currents or significant wave action within the lifeguard’s “zone” or area of responsibility.
  3. If “dark water” is present, the facility will need to have a specific protocol for bottom searches that has been developed and implentmented by the facility. It is not NASCO’s responsibility to develop and implement this protocol.
  4. The limiting factors of the NASCO Lifeguard’s level of certification have not been exceeded.

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