By Dan Warren

Zig Ziglar tells an anecdote about two novice hunters who manage to bag a buck on their first hunting expedition. They both grabbed one of the bucks legs and began to drag him back to their truck. There was a tremendous amount of brush and their progress was arduous due to the buck’s antlers continuously getting hung up in the terrain.

A good time into their trek they came across an old experienced hunter who was smoking his pipe and watching this scene play-out with marked amusement. He asked if he could offer some advice and both men simultaneously shook their heads yes. The sage said that if they would pull the buck from the other end holding onto his antlers they would be able to make a lot more progress due to the legs not getting tangled in the brush. Both men wholeheartedly accepted the advice and thereby dropping the legs walked to the other end picking up the antlers and dragging the deer that way.

A while went by and one of the novice hunters commented how wise the old hunter was seeing how much easier their labor had been made by dragging the buck by the antlers. The other novice hunter commented… I admit it is easier but don’t  know how smart the guy is… dragging the deer by the antlers is taking us the opposite way from the truck.

I took away from this story that sometimes when giving directions to your team – no matter how simple and clear they are… and no matter how much the team protest they know exactly what is expected of them… once put into execution it is possible for some to go in the totally opposite direction from your directions.

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