By Dan Warren

A man had the good fortune to possess a very special Goose. Each day this goose laid a large golden egg. The man could hardly wait for the new day to come, he was so eager to get another golden egg.

Soon growing dissatisfied with only one golden egg per day and thinking to seize the whole treasure at once, he killed the Goose, and cutting her open…  he found her to be — just what any other goose would be!


The need for immediate gratification many times leads to the loss of all.

The Change Egg

My father once recounted this fable to me while I was on my first Professional Change Management Assignment.  I was voicing frustration about the resistances I was receiving from the Aquatic staff and how slow people moved when asked to change the way they had always done things.

He asked me to relate the “egg” in the fable to “change”.  He said my drive and determination to force immediate change onto an organization that previously existed in a lackadaisical state could actually be counterproductive to my goal.

Although my intentions were good — my abrupt changes to the established working environment could create a culture shock that stagnates healthy paced progress.

It’s not always easy to find the right balance in effective change management without causing dissention among the troops.  In regards to Safety sometimes immediate changes is the only choice.

However in other areas one must chose their battles as to not give your new team “The Bends”.

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