By Dan Warren

I once heard Zig Ziglar tell an anecdote about the importance of finding out the true motivating factor for each individual.

It goes something like this…

A Texas Billionaire was quite concerned about what truly motivated a large number of suitors to pursue his daughter. He feared they were more attracted to his wealth than to her beauty. In an effort get to their true intentions he devised a plan.

He decided to invite them all to his mansion where they would be positioned on one end of his swimming pool, while he and his daughter were standing at the opposite end.

He drew their attention to the swirling mass of water moccasins and snapping turtles that were engulfing the water between them. He informed them that the first fella who was brave enough to swim across the pool would not only win the hand of his daughter… but also inherit a considerable sum of his Oil Field Empire. He had barely gotten the last word out when he heard a splash and watched in amazement as a daring suitor raced across the water. The guy was traveling so fast and with such stealth that he managed to evade every snap of the snakes and turtles.

In a matter of moments he was standing next to the father — his hands on his knees as he breathed quite forcefully. In astonishment the Billionaire congratulated the young man and commented that he must really love his daughter to have risked his life for her. The young man shock his head back and forth in a gesture signifying that it was not the man’s daughter that he desired. The Billionaire then stated that it then must have been for the money, and again the man shock his head – No.

Well, if it wasn’t my daughter and it wasn’t my money… what in god’s name do you want?

Finally catching his breath the young man stated… THE NAME OF THE SON OF A GUN THAT PUSHED ME IN!!!

It’s funny how what we find motivates us, we almost always feel would motivate others… When in reality it is not always desire which is the greatest motivator but necessity.