While inspecting the water slides at a fairly large park, I was with Dr. John and doing my usual “how can I more better” get in the way of anything that is going on.  At one point I was following him up a concrete stair, that I assumed he had walked before, to a slide that the park was doing some major work on.  I, as usual was running ahead of him, and he was talking over his shoulder to someone else.  As he neared the top of the stair, about six steps from the top, I noticed he wasn’t paying attention to where he was going.  So, I bounded up with my front feet on the stair rail and would not let him pass.  As he looked up, he realized that the stair ended without connecting to anything.

The park was in the process of removing this stair and had he kept going, he probably would have walked off the end and fell about 15 feet onto the concrete below.  I would not let him get past me; and until he turned around and walked back down, I stayed forcibly between him and the end of the stair.  You never can be too careful, especially with the guy that feeds ya.

I know I may well never save anyone in the water but that day, I certainly saved him.  I thought I would have earned an extra cookie or two for my efforts, but alas, there was not a place in my already crowded cookie schedule to work one in.

As an aside, I have my own Facebook page (Milton Hunsucker) and have generated a modest following of kinder garden classes who enjoy reading aquatic safety material.  Thanks for caring and good luck with your season opening.

Sincerely Yours,

Milton “NASCO Big Dog” Hunsucker