The National Aquatic Safety Company (NASCO) was founded in 1974 by Dr. John Hunsucker with the mission “To Reduce the Loss of Life Due to Drowning”.  NASCO has an unsurpassed record of safety.  If you want to be proactive rather than reactive then we are your system.


NASCO International Aquatic Safety School

What our clients say

J Walsh

Ravine Waterpark, California

"I chose to team up with NASCO and it was one of the best decisions that we had made. Incorporating the collective knowledge of the NASCO personnel into our program, along with their years of experience in the aquatic sector, has helped us produce a very safe waterpark. Their training and their follow-up is complete, and they remain in contact with us all year round and are 100% available anytime for support, education, and feedback on anything waterpark-related."

Trent Butler


"NASCO provides us with several different services that greatly benefit our park! From lifeguard certifications to facility inspections to new ride start up, NASCO has it all covered. They also have an extremely helpful and friendly customer support team. I definitely recommend NASCO!"

Sabrina DiStasio

Splash Mountain Waterpark, Maryland

Splash Mountain has enjoyed a long and rewarding association with NASCO. Their realtionship with management and staff, their guidance and suggestions, and personal touch over the years have been invaluable and instrumental in the success and growth of our waterpark.


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